Parent Resources

  • For Those with Littles

    Mercy For Marthas
    Why Mercy for Marthas? Like St. Martha, we are women of service. We show our love through our faithfulness to the sometimes hum drum, nitty gritty work of keeping a home and educating our children. But sometimes we feel overwhelmed. In this blog, we hope to share with you some of our experiences and insights as Catholic homeschooling mothers. We hope to inspire you to a life of prayer and to offer support and encouragement. Since, like St. Martha, we are practical women,  we will also post lessons plans and resources that we have created over the years.

    Kelly Mantoan - This Ain't the Lyceum
    Kelly is a Catholic wife and mother to five who wears lots of hats:  homeschooler, special needs parent, public school volunteer, writer, speaker, and avoider of housework. She readily admits her life isn’t perfect (she's one of us!), but it’s full of joy. She writes about faith, family, and how, despite often falling short, her life is better than I ever could have imagined.
    A regular speaker at homeschool conferences around the country, her talks will make you laugh, cry, dream, hope...and laugh again. 

    Federation of North American Explorers
    The FNE is an arm of the Fédération du Scoutisme Européen (FSE), the only fully Catholic scouting movement which was borne by Father Jacques Sevin in 1918 and consecrated to the Sacred Heart. The program remains intacts from its inception, having taken as its roots Lord Baden-Powell's original scouting program. Today, there are 22 Troops in the United States, serving boys and girls in single-gender programs.

  • For those with Olders

    Benedict XVI Institute for Sacred Music and Divine Worship
    The special mission of the Institute is to open the door of Beauty to God to as many who choose to get close to Him by that door. The Institute energizes a Catholic culture, in part, by connecting artists, audiences, and patrons of the arts and making available articles, critiques, and resources, which parents can use to educate and enlighten their children. Visit the site to signup for or request a Chant Camp for your parish or homeschool group, too!

    Catholic Literary Arts
    Catholic Literary Arts exists to provide a welcoming home for people of all faiths and goodwill to learn, to improve writing skills, to meet fellow writers and publishers, and to enjoy spiritual and intellectual formation in the great literary traditions of Western civilization.

    You'll find virtual classes, in-person events, retreats, contests, and trips. Join and they will assist you in the writing worlds of fiction, poetry, memoir, prayers, essays, and meditations.

    Writing and Poetry contests are often open to high school age and above.

    Arts of Liberty
    Founded by Dr. Jeffrey Lehman, Professor of Humanities and Philosophy at the University of Dallas, the Arts of Liberty Project  is an online, interdisciplinary resource for teachers and students. Resources include complete Liberal Arts courses, Great Books Study Guides, and Art and Architecture Galleries. The entire web site is a collaborative effort, involving scholars from around the world who are actively engaged in liberal education at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

    Institute for Catholic Liberal Education
    Although geared to traditional Classical Catholic schools, ICLE provides a wealth of knowledge, training, and resources that can easily be translated for homeschool use.